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We can go on and on about how Amazon changed the e-commerce world. Nothing has ever been the same since Amazon became the monster that it is. On its face, Amazon isn’t a fan of guns, but behind the veil, they don’t seem to mind. The Amazon Smile program allows a portion of every purchase to go to gun rights groups like Gun Owners of America. Also, you can buy tons of gear on Amazon. This includes knives, ammo pouches, WMLs, plate carriers, and more. Two-day shipping is also pretty great when you have deadlines near or are ridiculously impatient.

Companies like Magpul, Blue Force Gear, Viking Tactics, Surefire, Streamlight and so many more sell on Amazon. So what gear on Amazon is worth it? Well, hell quite a bit, once you sort through the Wish style junk of dubious construction. This curation of gear isn't random but this is the gear that fills particular requirements and is from well-proven companies.

Streamlight TLR RM 2

This brand new Streamlight hit the market hard and is an excellent option for a home defense long gun. The TLR RM 2 is tough enough to withstand full-powered rifle or shotgun recoil without breaking a sweat. This new design is sleek, and an interesting take for the painfully traditional Streamlight. The TLR RM 2 packs a 1,000 lumens of power into a compact package.

The ramp style design accommodates a large push button and the ability to incorporate a pressure switch. The 1,000 lumens are backed by 10k candela, so the range is decent and perfect for inside the house use. It’s bright and clear with an excellent level for spill for indoor use.

The ramp shaped design also allows for odd mounting configurations with minimal rail space needed. The Streamlight TLR RM2 can be positioned on top of a weapon in lieu of a front sight, or at the 11 or 2 o'clock positions and still be ergonomically accessible.

The ability to mount the light at various angles can be a big deal for various weapons. The Streamlight TLR RM 2's design allows easy mounting on guns that might not be a standard AR-style configuration. The ramp style design is different, but different can be good. The price on Amazon hovers right around 170 bucks with a pressure switch and less than $150 without it.


The Safariland 2 Shell Belt pouch

If you own a shotgun and want an accessory for less than ten bucks, then the Safariland 2 shell belt pouch should be your first choice. It's one of the most affordable and highest quality pieces of gear on Amazon. It’s a simple molded polymer shell carrier that allows you to carry two spare rounds of shotgun ammo. Two shots are not a lot, but you can always take more than one and place them where needed.

This pouch is for 12 gauge shells, and it carries two shells securely and tightly. At the same time, the cartridges are easy to access and easy to draw. Trying to find an efficient way to carry shotgun ammo can be a hassle and a half. The Safariland shell pouch makes it easy to stage a few extra shots around your belt for quick reloading. The spacing between the shells allows you to grip one or both shells for single or double reloads.

The belt clip accommodates belts up to 2.25 inches, and will still fit on a standard belt. The Safariland Belt Pouch's is the rare exception where a low price is not indicative of low quality. For under $8.80, this thing is the equivalent of a TACO mag pouch in terms of quality and dependability.


The Vickers Blue Force Gear Slings

The Vickers sling has been a favorite of the Marines for almost ten years now, and their popularity has exploded everywhere else. There are a half dozen of them in various configurations. This collection includes the lightweight One sling, the Padded model, the AK sling, the standard, and even the limited edition dual pull-tab Medic sling.


There are countless Marines and Soldiers who've taken one to war and would do it again and again and again.

The durability is top-notch, and the sling can be equipped with all manner of mounting gear. The BFG Vickers slings are two-point slings with an unbeatable quick pull strap to lengthen or shorten the sling at will. You can go from maximum mobility to having two free hands should you need it. This type of rapid adjustment allows users to adapt to changing mission conditions.

The general adjustability allows users to tailor the sling for not only their individual size, but for the size of their weapon, and the presence or lack of armor. The BFG Vickers slings can be used on everything from DMR style rifles to teeny-tiny subguns. This is not just a great piece of gear on Amazon, but the MVP of sling design.

Price can vary depending on model and included accessories, but the basic model is available for 75 dollars at the time of this writing.

The Blackhawk Omnivore

The Blackhawk Omnivore is one of the most efficient and affordable holsters on the market. It’s a universal holster that is not complete junk.  There are three models of the Omnivore, one to accommodate the TLR 1, one for the Surefire X300U, and a third for pistols without lights, so long as the have a rail in front of the trigger guard. The light-bearing models lock the light, and the lightless models lock onto an included small block that attaches to your rail.

The Omnivore is an affordable option, especially if you own a multitude of guns. After three years of relying on the Omnivore, across a wide variety of handguns, it has yet to fail. Utilizing a thumb driven active retention system, this universal holster keeps handguns secure even during aggressive movement. The thumb drive design allows you to grip the gun naturally while defeating the active retention mechanism. The Omnivore included multiple length thumb switches for those which larger or smaller hands.

Are they bulky? Yes, admittedly so, and these would not be a good concealed carry option unless you are wearing a trench coat.

The Omnivore attaches to standard Blackhawk mounting platforms for out of the box modularity and carry options. If you keep shopping for gear on Amazon you'll find lots of Blackhawk mounting accessories. These mounting platforms include thigh rigs, belt rigs, MOLLE mounts, and more. At the time of this writing, the prices vary slightly depending on which model of the Omnivore you choose, and ranges from 44 to 46 dollars. Left-handed and right-handed models are available.


Peak Cases

Peak Cases are sleek and professional-grade weapon’s cases that deliver a custom cut foam inside an often innocuous looking case. If going grey is a requirement for you, then the Peak cases are an excellent option. They make some cases that are just plain and efficient, and others that are disguised. They can be disguised as medical kits, guitar cases, and more.

Peak Cases vary greatly and allow you to have a custom cut foam options for nearly any popular platform you can imagine. This includes The Shockwave, AR 15s, CZ Scorpions, handguns or various sizes, and of course, the MP5.  You can get just a rifle case, or just a handgun case, or even a dedicated mixture of long and short guns. Most have room for accessories and magazines as well.

amazon peak cases

They provide excellent protection and allow for a comfortable and slick fit. Your guns are well protected against bumps, bangs, and bruises. The custom cut foam is fantastic, and the efficiency of the cases can’t be beaten. They can be locked at the zipper or with the included combination lock built into the case. They perform, but they are also attractive and well designed. They look as good as they hold up, they can be beat up, tossed around, and they'll take the abuse you want to protect your gun from.

Athlon Optics BTR Gen 2 1-8X

When it comes to optics this list could be nothing but scopes, red dots, LPVOs, and more. Amazon has tons of them, from Aimpoints to Acogs. Those big names are easy to recommend and are quite worthy of their positions. Let's take a different route with an optic many haven't heard of. When it comes to gear on Amazon there are lots of optics but this one stands out.

The Athlon BTR Gen 2 1-8X is affordable, reliable, well designed, and surprisingly bright for such an affordable optic. The second focal plane reticle design is intuitively simple and works for both close quarters and long-range shooting. An illuminated three-quarter circle for close quarter’s targets transitions into a partially lit BDC with windage pyramid when dialing in for farther shots.

For those getting testing waters with 3gun, or are interested in topping a rifle with a LPVO for a decent entry price, the Athlon Optics BTR stands out on account of its features, and is generally respected for its durability.

Gear on Amazon for everyone

Amazon is the closest thing we get to an online Walmart, and they allow even small companies access to tons of customers. Say what you want about Amazon, but they do open up lots of options for companies of all sizes and allows for that handy 2-day shipping. If you are willing to look, to search, and to scrap, you can find lots of solid gear on Amazon at great prices, but today you can take it easy with the above selections.

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