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Why is the Ammo Gone?

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In the early stages of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the media began reporting on a surge in firearms sales across the United States. Fast forward to almost August, and everyone is asking “where did all the ammo go?” Online retailers are out of stock, you can't get rounds from big box stores, and what ammo is available is either limited in quantity or highly priced. According to reps in the ammo industry, demand right now is 10x higher than during the 2013 ammo shortage.

Certainly, you could shout “supply and demand” which is technically correct, but also a gross oversimplification of the answer. To understand why we're in an ammo shortage, we have to dig in to both sides of supply and demand. At the risk of putting the cart before the horse, the first aspect of the current crisis we want to examine is why the demand for ammo is so high.

In a phone interview with Mike Fisher, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Magtech, he pointed out that over the last few years, demand for ammo has been relatively flat. After the recovery from the 2013 crisis, and during the “Trump Slump,” the ammo market has been pretty stable. In 2018, the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported that the entire industry made 8.1 billion rounds of ammo, across all calibers and gauges.

Captain Jack Sparrow needs ammo too

Why is demand so high?

But now, several unique factors are driving the increase in demand. The first, are the COVID-19 lockdowns. People started buying more guns, and when people buy more guns they also buy more ammo. That would have been fine, but then the civil unrest started. Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than seeing Starbucks on fire, so Americans did what Americans do: bought more guns and ammo. Add to that the fact that it's an election year anyway, and ammo sales always spike in an election year, and you've got historic levels of demand creating an ammo shortage.

Demand is also driven by the same psychological factors that caused the toilet paper shortage: hoarding. According to recent research (Sheu & Kuo, 2020) “hoarding stems from a human’s response, either rationally or emotionally, to scarcity, and so may occur on either the supply or the demand side. As argued by [other researchers], hoarding can be an overall response that involves a mix of a strategic, rational and emotional human responses (such as anxiety, panic and fear) to perceived threats to supply.” That's a smart person way of saying that when people think we're going to run out of ammo, they buy as much as they can and sit on it, which contributes to the scarcity by artificially inflating demand.

Another factor driving increased demand, and oddly higher prices as well are the huge numbers of new gun owners entering the market. The NSSF estimates that up to 40% of the guns sold this year have been to first time gun buyers. With sales at over 8 million guns and going strong, that's a lot of new owners buying guns. They're also buying ammo, but unlike people who have been doing this for a while, they have no idea what ammo is “supposed” to cost. To someone who moved to Texas from LA and now they want a gun, paying $25.99 for a box of 9mm seems reasonable, because that's just what it costs at the moment.

even lucky gunner is out

I have never seen this screen before.

So just make more ammo, right?

With demand driven by spikes in buying, hoarding, and new gun owners, what is the industry doing to keep up? Every company I spoke with is already at maximum capacity. Magtech is running 3 shifts, Federal is working around the clock, and the smaller guys are making ammo as fast as they can. The problem is that only a few companies produce ammo at the volumes needed – companies like Magtech and Federal, for example. They're already at capacity, and adding capacity for a company that large is actually difficult. Adding a new line to make more 9mm ammo requires purchasing expensive machines, installing them, quality control on the new machines, and hopefully getting all that done in time to make enough ammo to pay off the cost of the new machines before the bottom drops out of the market. It's actually easier for smaller companies to add capacity, because there are ammo manufacturing machines that produce rounds at a lower rate, which are more affordable. But these small machines produce thousands of rounds a month as opposed to the tens of millions of rounds that Winchester is manufacturing, and that won't make a dent in the ammo shortage. It's also important to remember that the increased consumer demand must be met along with existing government contracts. The same ammo lines that make rounds for gun shops also make rounds for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and those contracts don't disappear because it's hard to make or source primers.

There are other, not so front page economic effects of COVID-19 that affect the supply lines for raw materials and components. Raw materials like lead, copper, and brass for projectiles, primers, and casings is one piece, and the other is gunpowder itself. The economic downturn not only impacts the industries that produce the raw materials, but with politically tense tariffs, sourcing materials globally takes a two-fold hit: first by supply line disruption via pandemic, and second, the cost-effectiveness through government sanctions. This trickles down to the consumer as well, not leaving behind the choices manufacturers must choose about price and shipping. Additionally, Reuters reported that the trucking industry has taken a massive hit due to regulations around COVID-19, threatening the future of smaller overland shipping operations that have less than 20 vehicles on the road. 


Necessity is the Mother of Invention, whether in drills as well as manufacturing.

No end in sight

Some industry experts estimate that we won't see a return to normal inventory levels for 12 months, even when assuming a Republican presidential victory in November. Normal inventory is defined as being able to buy as much as ammo as you want and can afford from the internet or your local retailer. Worse yet, prices may not return to pre-COVID levels for an up to 12 months after that. The long term disruption to the supply chain tends to result in increased costs for manufacturers which will get passed on to the consumer until we see a full economic recovery. Unless one of the factors causing massive demand suddenly changes or disappears, we can expect to see increased prices and rationing for some time to come.

That being the case, market disruption is the time for entrepreneurs to make strides where they would normally be crawling. Smaller ammunition manufacturing businesses now have a chance to capture part of the market otherwise dominated by big names, and with the multitude of new shooters, that stockpile of ammunition can quickly turn into a head start for competitions in the coming years. The difference between preparedness and hoarding in this world, is an ammo shortage is only a negative for the later.

2021 Ammunition Shortage Update

We've been keeping up with ammunition manufacturers, and This is what they had to say with the new year.

More Reading on the Ammunition Front

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294 responses to “Why is the Ammo Gone?”

  1. JLo says:

    Suckers!!! Hahahah. Should have jumped on it and bought at the right times. I know three people who bought guns for the first time and can’t even shoot em 😂😂. Feels great to be a life long owner and know others as well who were smart and bought little by little.

    • Gus says:

      You’re a real peach. New gun owners are good. I for one love the fact there are new gun owners. I very much enjoy helping them make an informed purchase and helping them with their choices, their safety and their abilities with their new weapons.

      A great thing about the current new gun owners, from my experiences with the ones I know…they are also new NRA members, they are now former Democrat voters and they now understand why the 2A is so important to defend.

      • JLo says:

        I love peaches. New owners are good. Never said they weren’t. No need to virtue signal here. Too much of that these days.

      • Hawk says:

        well put Gus!

        • John Walters says:

          I would like to those stores that sell ammo create a ammunition delivery and sales record Diary on going plus ammunition manufacturers production record Diary to evaluate the real truth

      • Red Hawk 1 says:

        I enjoy going to the large gun shows. Over the past few years I have observed Blacks buying large amounts of weapons (not sporting rifles) and serious ammo. Seeing Black groups marching, and threating whites, over the last couple of months I doubt that these are NRA members. In my area the Blacks are going to be much better armed than the police or the White population.

        • Stu says:

          I have also. Not overt gang-bangers but a bit disconcerting nonetheless.

        • Lou says:

          I’m an NRA instructor and am being swamped with requests for CCW instruction. Most of the students are first time gun owners and more than half are women and some are in late teens for just firearms safety instruction because their parents are now going to have a gun in the house. All good reasons.
          The riots and destruction are scaring People who have always considered their neighborhoods safe and now are listening to rioters who are threatening to move to rural areas and cause trouble there.
          I have helped dozens of people to find and buy a handgun in the last 6 months.
          They all are buying Ammo.

        • Shooter says:

          Red hawk I understand your concern but don’t necessarily agree with all of your post.
          The white crew I run with 20 to 50 are not going to be out gunned or out ammo by anyone out there. We have expected and planned for any bad decisions that will take place. Stay safe sir.

        • Jason K says:

          You’re part of the problem..

        • Mingaux says:

          Red Clown 1: Lol. Your racist fear mongering and insecurity are a big part of what’s fueling this ammo crisis. The fact that you think armed Black people is a “danger” is just sad. White sheet creeps like you are the bread and butter the Dummycrats use to sell more “gun control”.

        • Marilyn says:

          Racist much?

        • Sal says:

          I have seen many Blacks buying guns and attending the range. They are family types and guys with girlfriends and their wives. They have the same fears everyone has…..that the police will not be able to defend them and realize they need to defend themselves. This isn’t a racial issue. Actually it’s a radical left vs people who believe in freedom. Freedom lovers come in all colors and ethnicities.

        • Mom of 3 says:

          @Red Hawk 1 – Ok… I’m a Veteran, Black, Educated, Female, Conservative, and a member of the NRA, and plan to join 2nd Amendment. I own several guns and before the shortage went to the range 3 times a week to practice. Please start seeing individuals and not group everyone who looks the same into one group.
          Remember when 911 happened, we all stopped seeing race and started seeing people and banded together as Americans. So if I am well armed and I see someone hurting my White, Asian, Hispanic, Black, etc… neighbor beat believe I am not looking at their race I am think.. How can I help protect them and their family, and I pray someone is looking at me the same. We are not enemies and it’s time we stop looking at each other as enemies, but as Americans.

        • Stanley says:

          Racist idiot loser.

        • Chuck says:

          Unfortunately we are in the first stages of a civil unrest or war if you want to call it that and people will only be able to settle it in the streets!!

        • Roger says:

          Mom of 3. Glad there are good people like you out there.
          Old white guy

        • Stratman182 says:

          Red Hawk 1: There are good and bad in all colors. I see whites marching in those demonstrations also. Being white doesn’t guarantee solidarity. We are not a big “us against them” segregated group that turns our back on others because of the color of the skin. Free your mind, your ass will follow. Signed a white dude.

        • Hellfire says:

          I think a healthier way to look at it would be conservatives/Americans vs liberals/communists. This is what the next civil war will be around. Now, yes, there is a tendency of certain demographics to attach themselves to certain ideological beliefs, but I’ll gladly team up with conservatives of any race to take out the fascist communists in our country.

        • Mike says:

          Idiots like this are the reason there’s unrest. If you don’t want to be held responsible for the white guy who shoots up a school, don’t lump all people of color together with looters and gang bangers. If shtf, I truly hope racist assholes like you are the first to go. – Well-armed white guy.

        • mark says:

          you sir are a racists idiot, I have several black friends that are as worried as I am over the rioting and carnage that has disrupted this country and since you are so worried about color start watching the news I have seen as many or more white people involved in the riots than blacks.
          I for one am helping said friends when they ask in choosing the proper firearm for their needs, teaching them how to SAFELY handle what they bought, we have a network for finding ammo and we all have each others backs and skin color has nothing to do with it
          as a reloader several people are interested in learning how to reload I am happy to pass on my experience and help them find the equipment and supplies needed
          the one criteria i use,is that they are American citizens, and law abiding patriots willing to stand up for what is right.
          you sir and the people like you are the problem and what is wrong with this country

        • Robert says:

          @Stanley He’s not a racist or idiot or a loser but you might be. We don’t know what he saw they could have had BLM caps and shirts. You don’t know neither do I. If they aren’t racist BLM supporters then it’s a great thing and he’s just incorrect. Being fallible doesn’t mean you are a racist he didn’t say anything hateful against an entire race without any basis.

          Save your racist insult for everyone else. He didn’t riot just because the victim had a particular color skin but look the other way when hundreds more whites are murdered each year by cops but no one cares…. that’s racism that’s black privilege when the only police victims that matter are thug losers high on fentanyl at the time but have the right skin color to care about.

        • Dan says:

          I say all you blind Liberal’s get off Red Hawk’s ass! Sure there are many blacks out there who believe in decency and try to live as good upstanding citizens. I applaud them – they are of no color difference to me, as they are my friends. But, the black community as a whole, as Black Hawk explains, are sick, confused, violent, “privileged”, and hate whites. If you are stupid enough “NOT” to believe this – fine. One day you will be traveling with your family and run upon a group of black BLM kids looking for trouble. After they molest, rape, kill members of your family, because you are white, you will learn a lesson. Ignorant people!

        • Rambo Swartz says:

          People…I think that Redhawk is the troll, and Dan makes a whole lot of sense.

        • PPrincess says:

          @ Mom of 3
          Thank you for your service and for speaking the truth.
          We are all in the same boat and race is not, and should never be,the issue.
          Protecting ourselves, our families, our communities, and our beloved nation and our individual freedoms from those who seek to destroy them is our concern.
          God Bless America! May he keep us free. ❤️

        • Gregg Black Elk says:

          Bit of a racist aren’t you. You know it was white people that raided the Capitol Building carrying firearms not Blacks, Asians, or American Indians.

      • Michael says:

        thanks Gus, this peach is also forgetting that some of us spent 12 to 14 months shooting different guns, different calibers and got caught in this insanity without being an ignorant panic buyer…..People tell me, it wasnt raining when Noah built the Ark….well, I kind of needed to know what Gun I was buying before I would massively stock up on ammo. I bought the X5 Legion and love it very much. Next, P365….then I wanna have some fun with a riffle….havent dived into that world yet, but itll be fun. Joining NRA and USCCA this weekend. Saving the little ammo I have for home defense…..Thanks for being real!

        • Sal says:

          Join the Second Amendment Foundation and keep the NRA on hold until they come clean about the shenanigans going on.

        • Mom of 3 says:

          @Sal – I recently joined the NRA because the range I am a members of stated to join, we had to support the NRA. I recently heard of Second Amendment. Is there a vast difference between the two?

      • D Dean says:

        Amen to that. “Suckers.”🙄 What a jackass.

      • Dem's for 2A says:

        Nonce, I am a Democrat and I believe and fight for the 2A, is not only for Republicans Bud.

      • Kevin says:

        JLo is a pretty good example of why a lot of people never get interested in guns, and feel like idiots when they do. He mentions too much virtue signaling in the world which is absolutely true, but there’s also too many douches in the gun ownership world. Too many gun owners think they’re better than everyone else because they approached a situation differently or made a different purchase than someone else.

        • Mike says:

          This. Anything for these insecure betas to feel powerful and superior. They’re the first ones to turn and run when shtf.

      • Steven Keyser says:

        The dude is right. I wish I had jumped on his train 2 years ago.

      • Steve A Syljuberget says:

        The government is behind the ammo shortage. Only a fool thinks they’re not.

    • rj says:

      they see the light…help’um, advise ‘um
      not laugh at them

    • Michael says:

      That’s not a mature statement.

    • Ant says:

      JLo, you must be one of those right wing conspiracy theory lunatics that hoards ammo and never trains with it for fear that the apocalypse is coming HAHAHAHAHA. You probably suck at shooting and can’t defend your family, but at least you have tens of thousands of rounds! Sucker!! LMAO!!!

    • Steve says:

      Just what’s needed…another self-important, nasty cynic.

    • Richard McEnroe says:

      Who buys a gun and walks out the door without ammo?

      • Demntd1 says:

        Those that already have an ammo stockpile at home.

      • Marcus says:

        Its not that they didn’t buy a box or two then, but really who buys a gun for the First Time and walks out with enough ammo to effectively train..? Nobody. They don’t know better, and think “I only need 50-100 rounds to defend the house, and wow, this stuff is expensive!” There once was a time I thought 1k rounds was way more than I needed. these days I go through about 20k/year, and still wish I could train more. Thank god for progressive loading machines…

        • Chuck says:

          Ya, your right. What I Hate is the crazy prices they put on steel and aluminum, and the way out prices on brass. The ammo producers are in the middle of raping us as much as they can!!!!!!!!!

      • David says:

        Me. Bought a 9mm and the store didn’t have any ammo to go with it. Lucky I have a bunch already.

      • Trade says:

        I personally purchase my guns almost exclusively online and have them shipped to my FFL. I suppose I could add ammo to the cart but I typically don’t. So I guess I don’t buy ammo when I buy a gun. LOL

      • Rich says:

        Either that or bring enough with you to fill the magazines and maybe pop a few rounds on the way home. That is assuming you don’t live in the city where that sort of thing is frowned upon.
        Whenever I treat myself to another gun I always stop part way home and give it a cleaning and shoot it some. I guess some kids never grow up. Also I don’t like having an empty gun with me too, even if I have others with me, I like to have rounds for all. But that’s just me I reckon.

    • Tim says:

      Gloating over poor saps who get blindsided by ammo prices makes you part of the problem, bro. Reasonable suspecting you one of those vultures who walks his retired butt into a store, drops a couple grand emptying the place outta target ammo, and then flips it on gunbroker for $1/rd. Inhibiting new gun buyers isn’t kosher. It’s detrimental to 2A efforts and destabilizing to our national security

    • rhorton says:

      Your an idiot!

    • Ronno says:

      Likewise, gives one a warm fuzzy feeling knowing one was prepared and can afford to pick and choose.

    • Truth says:

      My Grandma always used to say, “Cook before you’re hungry.” Same applies to prepping & stockpiling.

    • Steven says:

      Got to agree with you. I found some 223 ammo around a month ago for about $240 per thousand. I got 2k rounds. Glad now I did. Is that hording ? Maybe, but in dire times ammo will be like cigarettes and liquor. You can ALWAYS sell or trade them !

    • skip says:


    • Jeff says:

      I guess they feel the same with the toilet paper shortage. Glad I always used Charmin and stocked up!

    • D.L.S. says:

      Proud you are, supportive to new owners, your not.

      • KDR says:

        Many of those new owners are Liberals who want to take your Arms(Go figure), I am supportive to those who have awoken to the fact we have a Constitution and what it says and means. To the Liberals… hope you shoot yourself in the foot.

    • KDR says:

      Your so right! I bought mine back many years ago when it was Available & Cheap. I guess we should look at it Better to buy now than not at all. I still have to LMAO at those buying Hi-Points for $350+

    • Fred says:

      Yes, depriving others the ability to recruit and train young people. No ammo to teach them to shoot with and they lose interest and start playing video games. Does it feel great to contribute to the destruction of the sport? When you can’t get ammo to teach new shooters the sport, you kill the sport. If a civil war does break out there will be a few people with all the ammo and no one to help you! Just saying…..I experienced it with my grand daughter. Got her started shooting and then the 22 ammo shortage happened because of hoarders….I could not find ammo for us to shoot, after about a year she finally said, don’t worry about I will find something else to do. We can do something else….. Lost a young person that loved shooting,,,,How many more youngsters are the hoarders losing? When you lose the young ones and the older hoarders die off, who will be there? Absolutely no one!

    • John Smith says:

      Suckers? I guess we can’t all see the future like you. That’s why you’re sitting in a $20mil Yacht off the coast of Saint Tropez, and I’m driving a 12yr old Chevy and giving anesthesia to other suckers every day. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re not in a $20mil Yacht and it was just Dumb Redneck Luck that you bought a ton of ammo while it was still cheap. In which case, your comment just makes you a worthless pos doosh-bag. I suspect the latter.

    • rottenrollin says:

      While is IS indeed sweet to have already been a gun guy and be adequately armed and ammo’d, I believe the more the merrier, particularly when the more are on the right side of the fight.

      What we don’t want to do is make it any easier for gov to seize our Second Amendment protection hardware.

      I myself, also, believe this is an ammo conspiracy, it seems to go far beyond the simple supply and demand scenario. Yep, I know the Chinese Virus is there, I know millions of new gun buyers are there, I know we have an anti-gunner Fake President Elect on his way, but still.

      A 223 round which a year ago went for about 18 cents a round in bulk, now it’s over a dollar? Get real, folks.

      And what happened to the UNIVERSE of Russian ammo flooding our markets, particularly in the 223, 6.56 and 7.62????

      I’m afraid to shoot anything bigger than 22LR for fear of running down my stocks.

      So much for “shooting sports” when I have to save all my ammo in case I need to shoot traitors.

      God Save America!


      • joe says:

        Its more than what you think… Both sides of the government work together at the top. They divide us to conquer us. This is why they want us disarmed. They are using cvirus as a scapegoat to implement control, and everyone says its for safety. Those that think they can trade their freedom for a false sense of safety are fools. REVELATION 13-6 says he will cause all small great rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead and that no mad can buy or sell without the mark of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom, count the number of the beast for that number is that of a man his number is 666. Count out the word CORONA. C-3, O-15, R-18, O-15, N-14, A-1. Add it up and it comes to 66. The word itself is 6 letters long so you got 666. DO NOT TAKE THEIR VACCINE OR MARK! They don’t want us armed, because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to force this on us.

    • Alan Louis Gruel says:

      Schadenfreude comes from the real suckers.

    • joe says:

      Yes….l had exact same problem with BALL canning jar lids. bought a whole flat of them in march, and no they haven’t been on store shelves since… Just wait to see the sheep’s response when they cant buy or sell without the mark. I believe this is why the gov doesn’t want you to have guns. the gov also wont have to fight you in mark crisis, because the average sheep is willing to sacrifice their freedoms for a false sense of security. the writings on the walls now

    • Jack Lennon's says:

      Make it your self and keep it to yourself. For the other jackass on here stating Suckers. War is Right around the corner. And I bet you will be the 1st to drop.

    • tymwltl says:

      I try to give enough ammo to new buyers of firearms so that they can feel the same security in their homes those of us who are long time owners and very well stocked feel also These new buyers are our friends. I treat them with respect for seeing the light.

    • Garand says:

      I think we should be worried about who is buying the ammo, I recall someone told me that Japanese General Yamamoto said that USA was imposible to invade because we all have guns, no ammo make us weak , don’t you think?

  2. Scott Thomas says:

    Sad that it took a national pandemic and literal riots to make people understand how important the 2nd ammendmant really is. Personally I learned my lesson last time ammo got short and stocked up a bit.

    • Krompir says:

      I purchased my first handgun after the looting and rioting, but that in no way meant that I didn’t understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment. I’ve been a supporter of the NRA ever since I’ve been able to afford to donate. In addition, I’ve supported candidates that support the 2nd Amendment. What me and others like me took for granted is the fact that in the United States we have everything whenever we need, however, chance favors the prepared.

    • Msgt Ric says:

      Remember when Obama said there’s a certain piece of paper that says he can’t take our guns and then all ammo was being sold to our govt and we couldn’t get a single round.

  3. Not Sherlock says:

    Caleb Giddings the guy no one likes who is now playing capt obvious…

    No sh¡t sherlock!

  4. Caleb Cumguzzler says:

    Why would anyone let Caleb Giddings write an article for them knowing he is a piss poor spokes person even for himself. Recoil Web dot com must be doing really bad if they rely on this joker to write for them.

    • Mitch says:

      WOW! Really? All you guys take a deep breath.

      First, since when did it get to dog eat dog?

      Jlo’s statement may be a bit antagonistic, but I know at some point we have all kinda felt vilified by the leftist agenda and endured the left arguments.

      Only criminals need more than 10 rounds, 1 round or no rounds if the left had their way

      Only criminals, or the police need assault rifles.

      That was before they came to the conclusion that the very police that they gave so much power to might become or are a real threat to them.

      Yea, it’s natural to want to stand up and laugh at those who have berated and belittled you for simply having a different opinion or worse for wanting the same freedom of choice that your detractors have for themselves.

      Many of the intellectuals that may now understand the security provided to themselves or their families By having a firearm in the home are now dealing with the red tape that they created in acquiring such and maybe it will give them pause to think.

      Do we want to point our fingers at them, laugh and mock them, maybe.

      But how does that help us? For the future?

      How does fighting and berating each other help us. Remember these folks were/are as much afraid of us as any criminal which is why they went law crazy to begin.

      Now is the time to show our new brothers and sisters in arms, at arms, with arms that we are the level headed ones and that they are the ones that are ones that were paranoid and overreacted with draconian, repressive laws, rules and regulations.

      So look you bunch of neanderthals, let’s first, let’s quit fighting each other.

      Second, let’s bring these new folks int to our ranks, welcome them, help them while helping ourselves.

      This crisis is not going to last for ever and while there are many out there that hope this will be the apocalypse of organized societies. It’s not, and when the world turns around and the double tongue politicians start looking to point their fingers at gun owners as the root of all evil.

      These folks may just have a different opinion because of their own personal experience.

      Food for thought, I hope, or just tell me what puss I am.

      • PHS says:

        I like the way you think. This right here, this is what everyone needs to come to grips with and the kind of attitude that we should all have.

      • Todd says:

        I think the not needing more than 10 round statement is absurd. Just to train every year I shoot about 200-300 rounds. That’s just for me. If I want to take family to the range that number goes way up. I carry a spare magazine on my person always, then one in my car and a few in my safe. 10 rounds is pretty low.

        If you are only training or carrying a handgun to prevent a one on one assault then maybe 10 rounds is enough…. maybe not. You need to study more self-defense shootings. Most situations you crystal ball predict for may or may not happen. What if you are at the store and there are multiple shooters like the Wal Mart shooting where a CCW carrier and 2 cops were shot by a couple on the rampage. What if you run into heavily armed Kebold and harris type situation? Home Invasion? etc. If you think 10 rounds is enough you need to do some research and train with a pro like Gabe Suarez.

      • Lou says:

        relax! It’s the Internet! No one will remember your long post either! If they can’t conduct themselves properly online, definitely can’t be respectful in the real world.

      • Olderthanyou says:

        Interesting point to understand is that the police department is designed to find and prosecute the person who shot you dead. A burglary goes bad and your dead. You are walking in wrong end of town a little too late in the evening, meet Mr cork screw. Lots of ways to die, none have a story line of police arriving to save you. So you better learn how to save yourself. Just for life insurance. We don’t live in Mayberry anymore Elmer!

  5. Barrack Obama says:

    Trying to figure out who is worse, the YankeeMarshall or Caleb? Or better yet who sucks who off? 🤔

  6. Sherri Johansen says:

    Is Caleb still making an ass out of himself on youtube? He is the reason the saying “only two things come from Texas” comment is still alive today and he doesn’t look much like a steer to me, so that kinda narrows it down.

  7. blow me says:

    isn’t recoil mag the anti second ammendment shitrag that said common citizens should not own semi auto “assault” weapons. f recoil and f the author, caleb, whoever the f that is. blow me.

  8. Bemused Berserker says:

    There are a lot more factors driving the shortage than what the author lists. Raw material costs have increased, which is just one alone. The simple fact that the ammunition industry is not sufficient for the demand, and hasn’t been for years now, is evident. Toss in governmental purchases at the local, State and Federal levels, and it’s obvious that the private consumer will be the last to receive a product.
    Bottom line is that until there’s Political Stability, the shortages will continue.

  9. Overtime Forever Sucks says:

    I am a manufacturer. To many idiots that bought toilet paper are buying ammo. Stop it now! You are screwing our loyal customers that buy ammo and shoot weekly competitions.

    • Plandemic says:

      Amen brother

    • Stan Livingston says:

      Right on Brother

      • Corky says:

        I think all the new gun buyers come from 2 groups ,the people who are scared and no nothing about firearms . Especially after watching all the rioting during the black lives matter protest ,from antifa ,the second group are the black folks there’s maybe the the same reason ,I don’t really know .i personally shoot 6000 -8000 rounds a year of mixed calibers ant the range and didn’t notice till 22 lr started getting scarce then 223 followed by 9mm then reloading primers .now prices are so high I would refuse to pay those kind of prices .people own tactical reasons for 2 reasons one sport shooting maybe. A little hunting the second is part of the second amendment if you have to defend your GOD givin rights against your own Government AR’s are the weapon of choice .i do feel sorry for first time gun buyers who buy a gun only to find out there’s no ammo , a gun is a big investment for some .hopefully you can get enough if SHTF and we get back to normal ,I still see some guys shooting 100-300 rounds of 223. At the range

    • 2A User says:

      I apologize that the basic consumer watches the news, sees the violence, sees that government either does not care or actively supports it, and wants to defend himself (and that means practice with the new firearm). I apologize that us basic consumers are taking away a product that your “loyal customers” apparently have a god-given right of priority, so they case waste millions of rounds shooting for fun. Apparently the basic consumer has no 2A rights, but your “loyal customers” do.

      • Ant says:

        “DoNt sHooT fOr FuN!” In other words, don’t train. Just sit on your fat ass and hoard ammo while pretending you can somehow defend yourself just because you have tens of thousands of rounds of ammo in the event of an unlikely apocalypse. Meanwhile, you haven’t shot a gun in years because you’re afraid to waste target ammo. Interesting.

    • The Original Sheep dog says:


    • Chuck says:

      PRICES are out of control. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Msgt Ric says:


  10. Superb article. Likely all correct. However if the feds who are stimulating the economy, are they stifling amo manufacturers? They seem to want to support essential products, so they say, but what is more essential than self defense? Feds should stimulate amo industry, but likely they will not because it is not PC.

  11. Mikial says:

    The trick to never running out of ammo is the same as for making sure you have emergency stocks of food and medical supplies. When I go grocery shopping, we buy a little extra each trip. The same goes for first aid supplies and other consumables like batteries. Buy a little bit of extra ammo each month, and when the shortage rolls around . . . which it will, you will already have plenty of ammo on hand without either having to go broke panic buying or buying so much there’s none left for anyone else.

    • busybeef says:

      some of us shoot 10-15,000 rounds per year, competitively.

      We’re fucked. Say goodbye to most shooting sports.

    • Ronno says:

      Yup, good advise. We buy household needs on sale and stock up a little at a time. Same with firearms and ammo since 2016. The previous 8 years taught me a lesson.

  12. Rebel with a cause says:

    I talked with a flag supplier today who still sells Confederate battle flags and he says its his biggest seller! Still waiting on the five I bought for myself and friends who still honor their Southern heritage. Learned my lesson in 2013 and I buy more ammo stock when things are quiet and prices good. I’ve got four calibers to use. These days its good to have several thousand rounds in a variety. Can’t ever tell when the SHTF! I thought it was ironic that sales of that flag were high like ammo and weapons.

    • Bondedcore says:

      Honor your heritage? Do you celebrate the time you almost go divorced with your wife / husband at the same time you celebrate your anniversary? Last time I checked there was one American flag, you don’t fly the Union Jack because we used to be a British colony do you?

      • Nothing but the truth says:

        Who got your panties in a bunch. Who cares if he is proud of his Southern heritage. I am too. Your comment about flying the Union Jack is crazy. He can be proud of one and not the other. You need to go back to your “woke” friends and start tearing down Confederate monuments or anything else you feel is not in line with your view of what someone else should celebrate as part of there heritage.

  13. Greg says:

    Personally, I like seeing Starbucks on fire.

    • Farwalker says:

      the ladies in tight yoga pants will have to pay $15 for a latte after they rebuild that Starbucks. But that’s OK I bought some federal HST 147 grain today for 13 cents a round more than I paid last December. Was happy to find it as my stocks were getting low on defensive ammo. Still have plenty of FMJ but will limit my range time to once a month.

  14. Joe D. Stevens says:

    We may buy all of the guns we can afford. Congress, however, will make sure to price and tax ammo out of existence, except for the protection of themselves and their friends, of course. Everything gun related is difficult to find. And the cost increases are beyond reasonable.

    • Stan Livingston says:

      Stupid comment

    • Aaron garrett says:

      Defund this monster government out of the lives of the American people we don’t need these corrupt criminals politicians they can’t even do there jobs they work for us we don’t work for them it just seems like they can’t get it right year after year same stupid shit with theses corrupt criminals in government get Reid of them

  15. Obama is a moron says:

    I reload. Haven’t bought commercial ammunition for decades.

    • Luxury Interior says:

      Amen. I consider a die set and components a necessary part of adding a new caliber to the stable. Do I have die sets I’ve never used taking up space? Sure do. Small price to pay for the ability to “roll your own” in times like these.

      • Schoe says:

        Ditto here. I have been getting reloading supplies for years and have enjoyed making my own. It is fun and really cool to know you made it from the components you bought. God bless America!!!

    • Marcus says:

      same. and I generally buy tens of thousands of primers and projectiles, and cases of 8# jugs of powder in the fall, and just crank out ammo all winter. With the lack of major matches this year, I have more than enough to share with the new shooters I’m taking to the range

    • Jed says:

      Many places are now out of stock for reloading supplies. I have to wonder if some one world communist government agenda and/or international bankers n elitist buddies haven’t been orchestrating various supply shortage in the back ground somewhere/somehow. What a nutty world when a farmer can’t find or afford ammunition to get rid of coyotes. I’d like to get a thermal scope but those prices are bad too.

      • joe says:

        yes… they don’t want us armed anymore.. Wouldn’t surprise me if they conducted a false flag (A 911 2.0). and then say afterward that we cant have guns anymore. Just look at Austria during Hitler’s rule. They were told to register their guns to reduce the rate of crime. That didn’t work, so they then told everyone to turn in their guns. Unfortunately they were good sheep, and they turned in their weapons…. Then dictatorship reigned, and they had no way to fight back!!! History always repeats itself, and their is nothing new under the sun. I smell a one world dictatorship where everyone must get the Vaccine in order to buy or sell. The guns will be a necessary tool if you do not consent to this. This is why they want control over them, and it will be that way until the second coming of Jesus Christ. Then at that point we will finally have true everlasting peace. BE PREPARED IN ALL WAYS. BUY FOOD AND WATER B4 THATS IMPOSSIBLE TO OBTAIN. FAMINE IS ON THE WAY.

    • Mgrande6 says:

      Thats great but it is effecting the supply of components to a lesser, for now, degree

  16. Jay Andre says:

    Wow, what a long winded explanation! Myeyes started to glaze over! I haven’t had a problem finding ammo. Especially on the internet. If you have the money, who a saying how much it costs? There’s a saying, “If you have to ask the price, then you can’t afford it!!” You have to “pay to play!!” And who cares if the big ammo companies buy more machines, they’ll recoupe that expense b4, as you say, “the bottom falls out!” If the ammo companies also hire more people, they should be informed, as soon as the company is back to normal production, they will be let go. At least they will have been employed for a couple of years, according to you

  17. Bruce Wayne says:

    Time to start dryfiring more. I would also say time to start reloading, except a lot of those supplies have dried up as well. Overall a good, if gloomy, article, though.

  18. Jeff says:

    Why is Olin stock so cheap? They own Winchester? I think the big mutual funds are dumping it because it’s not PC?

  19. Nancy Pelosi says:

    It’s everywhere and don’t give me this bullshit of a shortage, it’s merely a way to price gouge. Bulk ammo tried that shit when there were rumors about banning green tip 556. Just when CA passed the background for ammo, sales soared, but nothing close to a shortage. It’s the first time gun owners that they know they can sodomize…

    • Marcus says:

      please link to 4 websites where someone can go buy 100 rounds of 9mm. should be easy if its “everywhere”. go ahead, we will wait..

      • acannon says:

        Second Attempt. The first had a single URL, which apparently was rejected by the forum moderator.

        Google on: Ammoseek

        Plenty of folks selling. I make no claims about inexpensive cost.

  20. buddyw says:

    I just bought a new gun. This makes a total of 4 I have. I generally have 300+ rounds of ammo for each at home. Sucks I can’t shoot my new gun because there was no 9mm ammo anywhere. When I found ammo, I bought all I could afford. I don’t see it as hording. I got an extra 200 for my guns, and 750 for my new 9mm. I want to shoot, and still keep 300+ rounds at home. If it’s wrong, then I will just have to be wrong. I ordered it online, and have to wait 2 weeks to get it. Shelves at the store, and the range, are empty.

    • Marcus says:

      Personally, I think “hoarding” is a word used to demonize those that actually think ahead. You did the right thing bro.

    • Mgrande6 says:

      The only ones crying that are the ones that cant get it…still hit or miss with .223 and 5.56 but my dealer had a bunch of Wolf and a few cases of PMC…bought most of his Wolf and some of his PMC…my reasons are my reasons and I dont feel guilty or care what anyone thinks and I dont cry when he is out of ammo

  21. Pat says:

    Anybody that tried to buy .22 3-4 years ago should have been stocking up on their calibers. I did.

  22. Justin Cider says:

    You know what I find ridiculous? You people seem to think that gun ownership an all-or-nothing affair, in both a literal and a political sense, as though there is no place for sensible firearms regulations or gun owners who vote for democrats. Its time to stop all this petty us-vs-them tribalistic bullshit. F the NRA. Think for yourself.

    • John Smith says:

      What do you mean by “you people”? How dare you!

      (Bullet Lives Matter)

    • Luxury Interior says:

      Incorrect. Gun owners should have no tolerance for people who would support the gun-grabbing Democrats — especially if they own guns. You know what we call someone who masquerades as a member of one group but provides material support to the opposition? A saboteur. In this case; a treasonous, traitorus, saboteur who would undermine our natural rights protected by the Constitution for some free shit and new illegal alien buddies. Fuck off and take your “common sense” talking points with you. No more gun control. Not now, not ever. Repeal the NFA. Defund the BATFE. Never again!

    • James says:

      Only a stupid person would vote for someone in a political party that is actively working against their best interest. Democrats try to push as much gun control as possible. So if you are a gun owner and vote for a democrat, you are just plain stupid.

    • Marcus says:

      You lost all cred at “sensible firearms regulations”

      “shall not be infringed” is the phrase you’re looking for here.

    • ted says:

      Thats because we know the “reasonable regulations” never stop just like rust and if you believe it stops with AR’s come talk to me in 10 yes. You obviously haven’t been alive long enough to witness the creep toward disarmament that started in the 30’s and picked up steam in the 60’s. And it always happens during Demonrat administrations. In the UK they are banning knives and it’ll happen here to you ignorant dunce.

    • John Hancock says:

      “…Shall not be infringed upon”. What is it about you Dems that think you can rewrite the constitution? It’s literally the only right that’s states it so clearly.

  23. Jim says:

    What do you mean F the NRA. If it wasn’t for the NRA you wouldn’t even have the right to own a BB gun.

  24. Thomas Jefferson says:

    GOA is the only thing that keeps the NRA in line. The NRA sold us out with the GCA of ’68, and are all too eager to “compromise”. The GOA NEVER compromises your rights. Frankly, NOBODY has the “right” to compromise your rights, except you. Think about which organization you would rather send your dues to.

  25. Little green men are everywhere says:

    Just curious, how much did .22 magnum ammo used to cost per 50 rounds? Thank you for the answer.

  26. Satire V says:

    I don’t think the author did enough research. The story might hold water if ammunition was in shorter supply, but there is NO supply. Not in stores, not online. There would be smaller inventories and possibly higher prices, but not a complete lack of any ammunition at all, except in less common calibers. Store owners I’ve talked to are saying that they can’t get ammunition. Period. Not “only small quantities” or “less than usual” or “we get it but is sells out quickly”. They aren’t getting any.

    • Gene says:

      I agree. Like SGA usually has about 50 kinds of 9 mm in stock. Now it is ZERO. and not just the U.S. made, No Russian, European, lower quality, higher quality. This is NOT a coincidence.

    • Corky says:

      It s trickling in I saw on gun broker primer going for 150 a box of thousand instead of the normal 30.00 but my take is somthing else is going on other than hording if I had to guess it’s the government if a ammo manufacturer has contracts to make ammo for military or home land security they have to meet that contract date of suffer severely this is what happened last time when home land security bought up all the ammo a few years back you couldn’t find anything

      • Mom of 3 says:

        @Corky – I thought the same thing that it’s a government conspiracy… it’s weird that all of a sudden we have a nationwide shortage.

  27. Raymond Raccuglia says:

    When basic reloading supplies are hard if not impossible to fine you know things are tough. I reload 45 colt as my boys and I like to do single action shooting. I have all I need to load .40 sw just have to set it all up. With practice rounds approaching .50 each I guess it’s time. Primers are a issue but have 5000 so good for now.

    • Marcus says:

      thankfully, large and small primers are still out there. a box of 9 for the average guy, not so much.

      I love my press….

  28. John Doe says:

    I don’t believe it. This is a golden opportunity for ammo producers since demand is so great. To think that they cannot ramp up production to meet demand is humbug.

  29. Kevin says:

    It’s interesting that buying ammunition when it’s available is “hoarding”.

    • RoyInNC says:

      The term “hoarding” is used to demonize some folks that were forward thinking. I would use that term to describe those that stockpile for the purpose of profiteering, but not for those that merely acquired enough to buffer their own shooting needs in a time of shortage.

  30. Paul says:

    I bought my guns and ammo a long time ago. Right after Dollar Bill Clinton left office and Bush dropped the ‘assault rifle’ ban.

    Plus I reload! This whole thing makes me laugh. Amazing how many people just don’t learn.

  31. Robert says:

    Well my 2cents is this. Nobody seen this coming not like this. But it’s not a total loss. There is a lot of guns and ammo out there in private hands that can be picked up under the right conditions. You may have to pay a high price or trade for it but it’s possible to do it.

  32. Norm says:

    I just bought a 9mm. First time gun owner. I walked out of the store with the last 50 round box of ammo. I am going to the range this week. Looks like only a couple of mags will be my limit so I can save a few for home defense. I am sure there was hoarding. ALL online sources I have checked are out. I was going to join the range as a member, but that would be a waste of money as there is no ammo to shoot. Looks like the gun is just about worthless now.

    • RoyInNC says:

      No, your gun isn’t worthless. I know it’s inconvenient and may require effort, but you will find and acquire ammo.

  33. nick says:

    what the hell, when there is a huge demand there should be a huge supply. Make it happen grasshopper!

  34. John says:

    I think we are all getting played here. Besides all the small local dealers I have gone to two Bass Pro Shops in Miami/Ft Lauderdale. They have had NO shipments for 3 weeks. .25, .32, 10mm 45LC 3-4 boxes of each

  35. Jim R says:

    The real reason is everyone associated with the gun industry are a bunch of GD price gouging crooks. Tramps and thieves. Complete lack of moral character.

  36. Jimmy James says:

    If the mfrs are working 24/7 producing ammo, where is it? Must be going somewhere besides middlemen and retailers.

    • Lisa L Bryant says:

      Come on guys….instead of spreading your feathers and strutting around posturing why not offer something helpful. First time I’ve been on this site and I’m freaking looking for ammo and answers. And what do I get but a bunch of testosterone and a-holes. I work FT, am a caregiver for a disabled spouse and never thought I’d be the one concerned about buying ammo for home and self protection. But here I am. I found exactly 100 rounds of HP 9mm today online. I can buy FMJ anywhere. I have a Beretta neo and .22 long rifle is anywhere too. So somebody needs to get on the stick and get the ammo out there for those of us who just realized we need it. You turkeys or pheasants or whatever the heck you thing you are need to fold up the feathers and start acting like you want to part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    • Marcus says:

      Jimmy- it shows up, and is off the shelf as soon as they get it. AIM had a pallet of 9mm a couple weeks ago, sold out in a few hours. PSA regularly has 40, 9 jhp’s etc, but they sell out the day the email goes. Its a combo of people buying it up to sit on, and people buying it up to resell on GB/AL

    • Tony says:

      A lot of it is in the pipe but is getting routed to the good ole boys team and straight to GB. I was in that club until I married a young lady from Juarez Mexico. They didn’t like that.

    • Chuck says:

      How do you know?????

  37. Jerry Schmidt says:

    Donald Trump will do anything to stay in office and turn this country into one of dictatorship. If it serves the Don he will do it including taking your gun away. I voted for him in 2016 but now consider him the biggest threat to the 2nd. When you decide to protest in the street against him, and you will because he doesn’t care about you, he will declare Marshall law and order you to turn in your weapons or be shot because you are of no longer a use to him. This guy won’t stop until it’s Heil Trump!

    • john kelly says:

      shut your face karen and move to france.

      • Carlos Danger says:

        LOL. That was awesome, John. Best comment on here.

        • Independent says:

          I bought gun and ammo because of trump, not the democrat’s. I don’t need much. If you can’t take care of business with a single box of ammo you just can’t. And for all of you in the bunkers or mountains with 10,000 rounds I’ve got a question, how many rounds does it take to put out a cabin fire?

    • rhorton says:

      Boy are you confused!!!! Did you just climb out from under a rock. You need to pull your head out of your butt cheeks!…..Go ahead and vote for Biteme….and hairless Harris…they already said they are going to take your guns away…
      Wake up….and smell the coffee. Well you have to pull your head out first!!!!!!!!1

    • Dave McCann says:

      Jerry, you’re shown yourself to be a moron. And we doubt you voted for Trump in 2016 so add liar to the list.

    • Peenpusher says:

      Jerry sucks peens… with his butt

    • Chuck says:

      Jerry is your last name Springer?????????????

    • Mgrande6 says:

      Youre in thw rong place kid

    • rottenrollin says:


    • joe says:

      BINGO! look at Austria under Hitler’s control. He told the masses to register their guns in order to reduce the crime rates. Then later he came out and said the registration was useless in reducing crime. AS a result, everyone was ordered to turn their guns. Then they had no way to defend themselves, hence becoming under Hitler’s dictatorship. Go on YouTube and lookup kitty werthmann. She gives first hand testimonial on this. History will repeat itself, and it is being fast tracked. Look at trumps operation warp speed, and you’ll know that he plans on using THE MILITARY to administer this corona poison. So if somebody doesn’t consent to this, you can bet someone’s ass will be shot. Bet trump don’t like that. I DO NOT CONSENT! Stay safe and defend your ground, because you cant trust government traitors to do so, they just want to take from you.

    • joe says:

      BINGO! look at Austria under Hitler’s control. He told the masses to register their guns in order to reduce the crime rates. Then later he came out and said the registration was useless in reducing crime. AS a result, everyone was ordered to turn their guns. Then they had no way to defend themselves, hence becoming under Hitler’s dictatorship. Go on YouTube and lookup kitty werthmann. She gives first hand testimonial on this. History will repeat itself, and it is being fast tracked. Look at trumps operation warp speed, and you’ll know that he plans on using THE MILITARY to administer this corona poison. So if somebody doesn’t consent to this, you can bet someone’s ass will be shot. Bet trump don’t like that. I DO NOT CONSENT! Stay safe and defend your ground, because you cant trust government traitors to do so, they just want to take from you.

  38. 72 Harley Shortster says:

    I agree with Lisa, don’t hoard

  39. John says:

    This is for Gus. I am a Democrat who recently bought his first gun. I am still a Democrat. I don’t like leaders who fail to uphold their oath to uphold the Constitution. Instead, he is violating the Constitution. Also, I certainly don’t like being lied to by the President.

  40. N.Pelosi says:

    I dont buy the buying new tooling is a risk because these ammo shortages are the norm now days. Invest now and they will pay off in short order.
    Besides I am heavily invested in small arms manufacturers.

  41. NickMemphis says:

    Just like the 2013 shortage… This too shall pass.

  42. coolmeadow Kid says:

    Well, I recoiled, all right. Can’t say it was a pleasure. Can say I won’t be back.

  43. David roberts says:

    I’m sick and tired of you so called experts blaming the shortage of ammo on us people who had the foresight to stock pile which is no different than us buying a side of beef canning our own food etc. if the people that are complaining about ammo shortage they should’ve thought about that 5 yrs ago when Obama was president

    • Marcus says:

      not blaming us buying over the years. blaming the idiots who cleared the shelves after the balloon went up, and just keep buying

    • Roy m says:

      Never thought I would pay 87$ for 500rds. Of 22lr even the top of the line ammo but You do what you have to do to get what you need

    • joe says:

      But your supposed to trust the experts. OBEY them is the word they would rather use. Just like with Covid, they use the news and say things like trust the experts, getting the ignorant person who wont question anything to just trust them. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM AND CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. QUESTION EVERYTHING.

  44. nick oteen says:

    please, cant we all get along. and obama is a brownnosing half white knee gro scum politician that makes me sick. he brings shame on the white side of his :brotherhood: and dont get me started on the JAW michell

  45. Kimbro Slice says:

    Not sure if this is as easy a rebound as 2013. Read somewhere that EPA imposed restrictions on lead in 2014, shut down those plants we had stateside. Now most of the lead production is China, who we happen to be doing the tariff war shuffle with. Brass is in a similar situation, a lot comes from South America where CV 19 has hammered them a bit worse, which in turn reduces the supply line, never mind the demand. Kind of a perfect storm as far as ammo goes.

    • Tony says:

      Do you see a shortage on car batteries or anything else with lead in it? I don’t and the price on car batteries isn’t gone up. Riddle me that Batman .

      • Kimbro Slice says:

        If you were buying two bullets every six years or so, I see your logic, Joker, I just think the bullet industry is a bit more dynamic and more subject to manipulation.
        Peace, just my two.

  46. Old Cranky says:

    I have been reloading for 55 years. My best investment was a Dillon 550, a Lyman lead pot, and lots of dies and bullet molds. Need I say more?

    • Tony says:

      Good for you! You can have them bury you with it. I reload a bit but I’m also a distributor and my prices are about the same wholesale and I spend that time shooting.

      • Mgrande6 says:

        Good for you…you can buy the reloadong components wholesale also making it even cheaper, so I dont get your argument

  47. Micheal Burgess says:

    Ammo is hard to find,it gas ben for about 13 years,unless you have the money to lay down a few grand,you wont get a lot of Ammo,and in case you did not know,just ask your self,who has an unlimited amount of money to buy Ammo?
    the Federal Government,that who,so Just think about that for a while,now you will know why we have a Ammo shortage.🤗

  48. 10esee says:

    I’m an eighty year old man. Bought my first firearm @ age 11; a P-38.In those days ammo was all over the place and cheap! Still in 1967, I bought a Lyman All American press and I still use it! No matter how much fodder I run through my
    firearms, I never run low on ammo. I just go out to a firing range and pick up all of the spent brass lying around and reload it! Take the hint! Learn how to reload.

    Re:First time gun buyer Dumbacrat. Why do you buy a firearm and then you are going to vote for Biden who says the first thing he is going to do is take your firearms away? Not to bright!

  49. Derron D says:

    Covid my ass, the sales of both guns and ammo sky rocketed, when these riots as a result of police shootings went through the roof.

    • back da blue says:

      *justifiable police shootings and restraint as a result of resisting arrest. You’re welcome.

      • joe says:

        These are false flags conducted to seize our rights. They sell the sheep a false sense of security so they would sacrifice their rights. DO NOT fall for their trap.

  50. GMak says:

    The article was well written, very insightful and objectively neutral and presented logical conclusions based on verifiable facts and realistic assumptions. it is really too bad that the vast majority of comments that followed here were not. This is exactly what gives gun owners a bad rap and image as uneducated, emotional, self-righteous, right-wing fringe conspiracy theorists who can’t string two pieces of verifiable facts together for a logical argument – and who all share the same right-wing extremist views, politics, racism and ignorance. We don’t.

    • Yoda says:

      Time for you to let go of kalebs 🐔
      Can’t stand kiss butts.

      • GMak says:

        I’d reply but your comment is literally unintelligible. Ironically, and I’m sure quite unintentionally on your part, you perfectly support and reinforce my point.

        • Tony says:

          You understood wtf I said , you little comment on how well this article is written is such BS !!! You understand that little man?

        • Tony says:

          And by the way you POS gun owners already have a bad reputation. You must be a millennial , skinny jean wearing little prick like you boy caleb

        • Tony says:

          Oh and btw, you did reply turd bucket 🖕🏼

    • Chris says:

      These half-wits really don’t get it do they, GMak.

      Tony and Yoda both responded with half-assed, ignorant, irrelevant, moronic responses. It’s easy to prove a point when mentally defective losers like this spew out shit online.

  51. Tony says:

    Wow, it’s depressing to see the way you Gun guys behave.

  52. Tony says:

    This whole shortage AGAIN is directly fault of the entire industry. I owned a small mom and pop gun smithing and accessory store up until retirement a couple years ago. The industry is a huge vulture that waits in the dark waiting for the first crisis to happen. Then all of a sudden they are running 29 hours a day producing as much as they can. This is a lie, I made a lot of friends in my 40 years of business and there’s a lot of things that would make you guys sick that’s going on. # 1 and the one that made me make my decision to retire is the greed involved in the industry now. You see the prices on GB with certain cals being the highest I have ever seen. This is fabricated by the industry it self. Kinda got ahead of myself / Store owners will group together so that we could put massive orders in together. Example instead of only ordering 100 AR-15 , we now can order 10000. If your in the good ole boy club you get what you need and the RAPE STARTS. I apologize for not making a whole lot of sense. I’m old but I hope you guys get the idea. Just FYI in December the lowest price one of my X distributors had on 9mm was 4.95 a box of some steel cased junk, per 50. S&B was the next lowest at about 5.85 a box of 50. All 115gr fmj. This was my price not retail. So these people paying .90 a round are absolutely desperate or absolutely stupid stupid stupid. Got that from Rain Maker. 🙂

  53. Tony says:

    Please spread the word if you want to to other shooters who have no idea what they are doing. Tell them what Ammo used to cost and how bad they are taking it in the lower regions.

  54. Banned dot video says:

    Call Academy (or your local ammo store), ask when they get their shipments, arrive on that day an hour before they open. There are buying limits but in 3 weeks I’ve squirreled-away 1,000 rounds of 9mm and 1,000 rounds of 5.56. It’s time consuming and inconvenient but so is life.

  55. Samiam says:

    Banned dot vids, how much Ammo do you think you will need to fight off the predator drone that is gonna vape your house or apt when you won’t turn your guns over? Or when hordes of crazy, weed smoking knee gros are breaking into your apt to steal your food / toilet paper and ugly fat mutt ?
    Or they just say fk it and torch the whole place down the way they did WACO.

  56. Brian says:

    First time gun owner here. So I was wrong to by a million rounds of 9mm?

    • Preparedness says:

      Yes. You are what experienced shooters call a pay day. At best consider yourself able to barter for food and supplies with what you can carry but ammo is extremely heavy so your best bet is to keep anything of value in multiple secure and secret locations. As soon as things are desperate someone, probably close to you, will strip you of everything you have of worth. Your best bet, if you really have a shit ton of ammo which I doubt, is sell it while the price is high and form an escape plan for you and your loved ones. Boat, small plane, fuel, dehydrated foods, etc. Better to have it and not need it. That being said NOTHING EVER HAPPENS…

  57. OneGunSon says:

    JHC, you people are absolute rubes. I’ve been shooting for 40 years and all of a sudden because I can’t buy ammo that should worry me? 😂 GTFOH. The few magazines I do have loaded have a 99.9% chance of NOT being unloaded on an attacker(s). Reason being I’m not moronic enough to put myself directly in harms way. I got an old bike I’ve had for 20 years that I haven’t ridin in forever, but guess what? If I hopped on it tomorrow I’m not gonna fall off. Unless you literally JUST became a gun owner, an ammo shortage is a minor inconvenience. And if you did JUST become a new owner then dully recognize the need to get comfortable and proficient with your weapon of choice when ammo does surface. There’s nothing you can do at this point but realize you made a good decision to exercise your right to defend yourself and/or your family. The rest of you jagoffs need to calm tf down.

    • The kid says:

      Good one!! Liked it!! But if you all are stocking up for the end of the world. You might want to have a bag of arrows and a bow. (You can reuse arrows) that way when you are trying to get some food the angry hoard of hungry people won’t hear you shooting and come eat you!

  58. Svlago says:

    Curious if there is an anticipated surplus of used guns for sale in the foreseeable future.

  59. Lucas says:

    While sales are certainly up, let’s be real. Manufactures purposely limit the stock. I guarantee if you pay attention to the lot numbers, they will be the same next year as the ammo you purchased this year. Same thing happened in 08.

  60. Ben says:

    Thoughts from a newbie –

    Bought my first gun this year after moving to a state that allows edc. Relatively coordinated, brain functioning well, etc…. Figured this would be as simple as TV. WRONG

    Took my first lesson and while I enjoyed it, determined TV is completely fiction. While easy to pull trigger its another ballgame to shoot a target 5/7/10 yards accurately. Couple that with darkness and adrenaline pumping during a home invasion or out at your favorite store, good chance you won’t survive or may kill someone else.

    In the past 6 months I’ve shot over 4500 rounds. Multiple lessons (at least 20) and at least one practice every week at the range. Now up to holster drawing/shooting while moving and one handed firing. Took a friend out the other day who has owns/shot/handled guns for years. His accuracy was fair at best. Why – not practicing.

    I’ve seen newbies come into the range, buy a gun and leave. Wonder if they practice much or at all? Do they even know how to work it? I don’t know. But from my experience this requires learning/practice. Ok, perhaps some will say I just don’t have the skills and others may be much better then me from novice start. That’s true. But I would guess the average joe would find this difficult under stress. Looking forward to starting COF soon. May reset me back to square one. Hopefully, some of my training will help!

    As for ammo, stocked up by the thousands when it was selling for $9.99. I saw this coming.

    But, doesn’t mean you can’t practice dry/snaps at home, holster drawing if you carry or at least a couple boxes a month at a range. If you’re gonna handle a gun you better know how to use it.

  61. Stephen James Apke says:

    I have little sympathy for the first time gun owners as well. An acquaintance I know who is a hardcore liberal went out and purchased his 1st handgun do to the COVID-19 pandemic. He has asked for my assistance in cleaning/operating his firearm. I told him that I wouldn’t because he has voted for candidates throughout his life that would take my 2nd amendment rights away and disarm me completely. Total hypocrisy and I can’t stomach it. Screw all of the newby’s, I’m prepared and that’s all that matters.

    • Jim says:

      Dude, don’t close your mind to a potential Republican. Work on him. Perhaps you can change his mind on at least the current horrid laws and get him to vote on that. He asked for your help. Help him understand everything.

  62. Patrick says:

    Still say get your shotguns out. Even wal mart in my town has 12 ga ammo. Shotguns are great for riots and then there will be plenty of 9s on the ground for your procurement

  63. Patrick says:

    Hey. Pellet and bb guns are still good practice in absence of range time. Good for steadying your grip and working on your arc. Just saying. You use what you got when there is nothing else

  64. Old School says:

    I can’t help but shake my head in disbelief at the hoarding of ammo. Yes, I know all the arguments justifying the hoarding for some great “revolution.” However, ammo grows old and useless after awhile. Over a period of time, more and more rounds in each box turn into duds as the powder gets old. This is why you use old ammo for practice just to get rid of it.

    • Bob White says:

      Well maybe! If you store it in the refrigerator or your car trunk in Florida.Ive shot headstamped ammo from 1953 Tokarev 7.62 ×25. Guess what No Duds.Just Saying

    • stu says:

      I found some paper shotgun ammo in a barn. ( I’ll bet you aren’t old enough to even remember paper shells) They all went “BANG” when we touched them off. Probably should have kept them for an antique shop.

    • Horace Hippofat says:

      I’ve shot WW2 M1 ammo. (30-06) IT STILL WORKS!

  65. Mike Hornak says:

    Some of this just smells like BS. 7 years ago the ammo companies had record profits and DIDN’T add any manufacturing capacity. When we come out of this with record profit, they still won’t. WTF do they do when sales are slow? Not make ammo? Thank God the trucking didn’t affect toilet paper, huh?

  66. Tom says:

    I got my 9mm & 223 online for near $10 for either. It was hard and more luck than anything to have gotten what I have. I’ve hit Academy Sports at just the right time with some help from Lady Luck. I also reload 223, 308, 357, 9mm, & 45ACP. As for new shooters I have offered some rounds for them to get familiar with their new firearm. I like to make them feel welcome to the Shooting Sports. As for greed, it is alive and well in the shooting sports. I don’t feel that it will stop.
    I’m now 70+, been shooting/hunting since about 10. Held a 01, 07, NFA Tax Stamp, every Ca. permit and license and then some, Federal 20 Mfg. of High Explosives, had CCW’s since my early 20’s. Cleared Confidential and Secret and I am still humbled when a new shooter asks for help. Help the newbies. You may need their help some day. As for buying a million rounds of 9mm, I’d do it if I had the bucks. Great to barter with, practice with and share with your friends. Just don’t burn out you barrel. As for mom with 3 kids, excellent words. I’m white and from the projects. My friends – Black, Rican, Cubano, White. Some Asian and Mexican. No one gave a damn what color skin a person had. All this BS about skin color is brought to you by the media and politicians. People are people and politicians are politicians. Don’t forget to practice your 21 foot rule.


  67. Alex says:

    If limiting the ammunition for a 556 is equal Limiting ammunition for a 22 caliber. If shot in the face the bullet will produce the same result government is infringing on the rights of the people not to limit the gun but the limit the ammunition I was Unaware that no one carries 556 ammunition Granola always get the upper hand

  68. James says:

    The claim that small ammo manufacturers can increase production easier than the big ones sounds reasonable, especially if considering the percentage increase by the manufacturer. But the statement that the lower volume machines only produce thousands of rounds per month is ridiculous. With my Dillon 650 I can easily make a couple thousand rounds per day, though my arm would get tired. That includes case gauging and a visual inspection of every round by hand.

  69. Bill Hinch says:

    Panic buying and stockpiling is useless. People expecting to sit and wait for trouble to come to them – like prey. Trouble in the meantime will be arming itself at the same rate. Pile it up to the ceiling and plan never to see daylight again and maybe you’ll outlast. As always in the scenarios all this prep time is to account for, all that matters is who is exposed and seen first. Truly want normal back? Use that ammo rather than stockpiling it. If the worst fears behind the panic are true, only a fool bides their time while a weakened potential foe grows stronger. There is comfort in delusion; reality will be a hard lesson for many people.

  70. TJL says:

    So far a 22mag LCRX 3in is my only new pandemic purchase firearm. 22mag ammo is available (mostly because it is less popular) and remains relatively inexpensive at $.24/round for target ammo and $.30 for defensive ammo.

    I have several carbines and pistols chambered in 9mm.
    When things get back to “normal” I don’t think we will ever see 9mm at $.20/round again. The glut is gone, the surplus is sold. More like $.40/round for target 9mm going forward. 380 and .38spl will be even more.

    If you don’t reload, 22mag will be a cost effective range gun with a reasonably potent round. Rimfire ammo is just cheaper to produce.

  71. Mike Troxell says:

    I was at Bass Pro the other day and when I stopped by the ammo isle they had about 30 500 round cases on the shelf. It must have just been put out because I walked off to look at another part of the store, came back to the ammo isle to buy a couple of packs and there were 2 500 boxes left. I took both of them but split them with a guy who looked like I had just run over his dog 🙂

  72. BillyHunter says:

    True story, went to my local gun shop to pick up 12 ga slugs for deer season. Not only did they not have any slugs but no 9, .38, .40, .45, 5.56, .223, 7.62, .308, 00 buck, or even 30-06. Guess what they did have, case after case of turkey, waterfowl, skeet and trap shotgun loads. I’m talking massive floor stacks of the stuff. I asked the owner who I’m friends with and he said his distributors and suppliers are all too happy to send him pallets of waterfowl shells but “defensive” ammo is nonexistent, no one knows where it went or if more will be made. Funny thing is that most of the components to make the waterfowl/ turkey loads are the same for the “defensive” rounds. By the way he had lead and steel shot shells so it has nothing to do with a ban on lead shot. I guess when the looters break down your door you can always pepper them with T-shot, what do you all think???

  73. kevin says:

    wake up people, “out of stock no back order”does that not ring a bell? govt shut down the distribution. FEMA prevent civil unrest. they do not want you stocked up. priod

  74. kevin says:

    the lock down has been over for months what does that tell you

  75. kevin says:

    you would have seen the supply replenished by now.good luck every one and god bless

  76. Reed Kinney says:

    I do not agree with the Democrats pushing for universal background checks and making the home manufacture of firearms illegal (form 4473).
    However, Trump and his cronies are authoritarian and fascist, which means the privatization of government. I do not agree with their plan for draconian prison sentencing and promoting the privatization of the penal institutions supported by tax money, or the private “charter schools” paid for with tax money taking the place of public education.
    Americans do not need a PURELY DECEPTIVE, stupid, psychopath dictator who does not care about the America or Americans, or about a representational “democratic” government, one who finds it amusing to rupture the lives of the less powerful. If Trump had not lost the election and “down the road” outlawing our right to bear arms would have somehow eased whatever his misgivings, then he would do that.
    On the other hand, Biden poses a different kind of threat to Americans, by damaging our subjective sovereignty through diminishing our right to owning modern weapons, which I hope he will not be able to actualize.
    Beyond that though, at least Biden has a “normal” mind, and he has been choosing cabinet people who are no less “sane” and capable of fulfilling their mission statements.
    Internationally, Biden must stand up to Putin’s aggression in the Balkans and the Mideast and in America and work to isolate North Korea, and so on. Fortunately, he works with his team of “level-headed” government personnel.
    So what if the Biden administration pushes for milking the class of wealth for the needed capital to establish universal Health Care and Education for the people, and reinstates the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior and the Department of Energy with qualified personnel, and so on. .
    Above all, he takes the Epidemic seriously and will do what he and his personnel can to curb it.
    Trump gave Americans no choice in the matter. Biden is the lesser of the two “evils.” I hugely dislike any administration tampering with the Second Amendment. But for that Second Amendment Right to be realized for what it was intended, then, real, local community is required, and that indispensable facet of that Right is currently absent in mass centralist society grounded on universal alienation.
    You be well.

    • ted says:

      I can’t say for sure but I’d guess you haven’t been alive long enough to see the incremental creep of gun control. The fact is they never stop. Right now its so called assault weapons then it will be all semi autos then it will be double action revolvers ( mechanical semi auto) then it will be repeaters bolt/ lever and on and on because they never stop they’re like rust. Biden won’t last 2 years his own are going to 25th amendment him and move Kommie Harris to POTUS, Pelosi to VP and my guess is AOC to speaker then we’ll see the $#!+storm begin.

    • questioneverything says:

      Close up 900 NATO bases and installations around the world and stop policing the world, and there will be no ‘perceived’ aggression from Putin or other so-called “dictators”.

    • johnsnow says:

      Close proximity of 900 NATO bases and installations around the world is aggravating neighboring countries and governments. Close them up and stop policing the world. There is no such thing as democracy for export; it is a lie and a laundering scheme of taxpayers money by haliburtons and the likes of them. In how many countries did US “export” this so-called democracy and what happened?

  77. Chris Kay says:

    I would like to know where a I can find ammunition for a AR-15 5.56? At a reasonable price!! A dollar a shell is crazy. Most places don’t even have any shells I called two Rural King stores and neither one had gotten any 223,5.56 45, 9mm, 380, 357 or 44 magnum in a month!! I also have gone online to several different sites and they all say sold out!!! If you could help me it would be greatly appreciated!!

  78. Rob says:

    Right wingers always think the Democrats are going to take their guns. That has never happened. Biden is not going to take away anything from gun owners, at least I make a habit of looking for facts and not twitter nonsense. This will blow over because it is all paranoid delusions of the left and right. I like to keep at least 1500 rds of the calibers I shoot and Now I am cutting my trips to the range to one a month.

  79. Stu says:

    Here’s a question for quandary. I get that the standard pistol cartridges are in short supply because of the perceived threat and new owners. But there are no .30-30 rounds left in rural areas. Finger Lakes NY, Western and central PA etc. Nobody bought .30-30’s for home protection so why the shortage?

  80. Ted says:

    To those here who a hinting at racism. Profiling is natural as pooping the left calls conservatives bearded trailer trash. That’s profiling I.E. racism. I have as a white lived as a token in a predominately black neighborhood. I my kids were constantly effed with and so was my property. Any “tude” I have was earned at their hands. Not all pitbulls bite but you have to assume they do to protect yourself. I have been in mixed demographic gatherings and when not severely out numbered everything was fine. But if you’re the token it will be brought to your attention that you are less than. Say what you will but you can’t deny experience.

  81. willie says:

    so glad i bought enough of my practice ammo last year to last for the next two administrations, along with a stash of PMC battle packs

  82. DAVID DAVIS says:

    Is it probable that the US Govt is buying up the ammo to keep it out of the hands of the American people

  83. Ricky Kise says:

    Everyone has it wrong. Its not demand; it’s price. The ammo makers are loving this; they are intentionally hiding behind covid,as are many, to keep prices up indefinitely. If we can develop and deploy vaccine in under a year, you can be damn sure that corporate ammo makers can recover from this. They’ve never had a gravy train like this in their existence and they are just wetting themselves over it. Not suprising; our country is full of all kinds of greedy traitors weakening it by taking advantage of an over blown epidemic. Welcome to the early 21st century.

  84. mrbreeze says:

    There is actually plenty of ammo available. People are buying it up as fast as possible and selling it for thrice the price on It is not fair, and not right. There needs to be some rules.

  85. TrumpWonBig! says:

    Great for all the 1st time buyers, they vote guns too!

  86. joe says:

    To all of you that say its a democrat vs republican issue… WAKE UP. They are 2 sides to same coin and they work together. They all want gun control behind the scenes, and this is why there are so many false flag shootings. This is also why the governments buy up the ammo. It also is NOT a issue of race. the government divides us to conquer us. This is why the media pushes this agenda so hard. Now with covid and the way their going to force people to get vaccine, you’ll need your weapons. if you think ammo is hard to get now your right. Just take the ammo shortage as a lesson and STOCKPILE FOOD. their is a famine coming, and the government and disinformation mainstream media is not talking about it. go lookup the Georgia guide stones. It says they will maintain the worlds population under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. The way they will do this in my opinion will be through vaccines, and control of food supply. Go lookup Bill Gates TED talk called innovating to 0. In his speech he says there are 6.8 billion people in the world today. If we do a good job on vaccines, reproductive health services, we can reduce that number by 10 to 15 percent. I hope you can now see who the real enemy is. Government= mind control. Govern means control. ment is mental like in mind. These evil men control our minds through TV and the cell devices.

  87. warren B. says:

    wrist rocket sling shot to acquire pistol to get rifle.Bow & arrow or cross bow for food.Come at problem from the side [think ahead] Shot placement & leading target from practice with use of silent arms.Good with bow & arrow at 50 ft. will be good with rifle at 300 ft.The police have a list of items they will take from you if you create an infraction.tops on list. wrist rocket sling shot, hits like a .38 & quiet.Cross bows or compound take deer all day. If its a SHTF wounding will take 2 to carry away. practice & don’t advertise .trade rounds get shot later.Or we all work together to make this the best country in the history of the world. [with running water we can drink. Rebuild the middle class for a strong America.TAX THE 1% Rich. fair share.if you don’t like this feel free to insert your own alternative reality.& best of luck.

    • Perry says:

      They are going to put taxes and tariffs on Guns and Ammo. They created the shortage of the 22 ammo as a test and it worked so now they are doing it with all ammo and weapons. They’re not going to mess with the second amendment but they will make it so expensive for you to possess a weapon you will have to give it up and if you are caught with a weapon that doesn’t have its tariffs or taxes paid then they will seize the weapon and arrest you showing the rest of the population what can happen if you have a gun.Eventually it will get to the point where no one has guns except for the government and they will have all power.

  88. Ray Paget says:

    You still have not answered the question. A Federal Ammo rep told me that the company has not slowed down production. That’s probably true of other manufacturers. If the “Big Box” sporting goods stores can’t get ammo, then where is it going? When the shipment leaves the factory, where is it going? “New gun buyers” is not the reason.

    • John Hancock says:

      When we are at war, you can rest assured the Army will have Ammo. President invoked the defense production act. There is no active war. Supply/demand theory debunked.

      Toilet paper, canned goods, meat and consumable prices never spiked. People must have been wiping their asses with bullets.

      Can you blame people for theorizing?

  89. angrybirds says:

    Just to support the general suspicion that some dishonest public are using the current “political instability” to buy up all the ammo and flip it on the internet or their small businesses. I tracked ammo sales on “the big site” and I saw that out of 600 or 900 boxes available, batches of about 100 or even 300 boxes of 50 being bought as if purchased by one person and all supply gone within an hour in about 5 purchases. That’s a lot of ammo and a lot of money spent in one click. Who in a right mind would spend 2 grand on ammo? Right, flippers. Don’t buy ammo from these bloodsuckers!!! Let them choke on their “investments”. The shortage is artificial.

  90. David T. says:

    I just want to stock up so I can go to the range in the spring.

  91. Darrin Thrun says:

    Come on, I see alot of places selling 9mm 115gr fmj at 50 dollars a box! Manufacturers don’t want to keep up. Why would they. They can actually scale back production to 2/3 or 1/2 what they used to make, keep demand high, sell what they make at 3 times what it used to sell for. Thus the reduce thier labor cost, reduce the operations cost and actually make more profit.

  92. Kevin ohara says:

    half of you responding are sheep or govt trolls. a year ago i put in over 40 request to ammo and vendors for reloading supplies, notify me when available, guese what no one in a year responded .govt shut it down. they are leggaly allowed to to prevent civille unrest during the pandemic. i am not ablle to hunt chucks have nothing left. the govt did their job well

  93. Kevin ohara says:

    hope this pandemic ends quickly. so we can hunt again

  94. No Limit Arcade says:

    No where in this article did I see any discussion about HOW MUCH ammo is getting siphoned off by govt. contract nor what percentage it is compared to previous years. It’s nice to hear that the manufacturers are working 24/7 but it means nothing if the Govt. is buying it all and stocking THEIR supply so that there is precious little for “We the People!” I want the TRUTH and the WHOLE TRUTH before it’s too late.

  95. BlackJacquesShellque says:

    Caleb F-ing Giddings. He deminishes Recoil. Get him off of here.

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